Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Cheat sheet for Eternal Isles 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

Eternal Isles 10-2 Special Bubbles: Doom Skulls http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh4dXSpJsM0
Eternal Isles 10-3 http://youtu.be/UySUBWa0-ss
Eternal Isles 10-4 http://youtu.be/O0tTEJUWec4
Eternal Isles 10-5 http://youtu.be/q9GYp7EBxiA
Eternal Isles 10-6 Tips by Renata. Do not by the 3 holes in the ceiling Potion, there are Bombs in the ceiling that sets off after breaking the chain.
Eternal Isles 10-7 http://youtu.be/_2l-M-DNDRk
Eternal Isles 10-9 http://youtu.be/UVHBl7a8Rh0

Eternal Isles 11 - 1 Recommended potions: All except Yellow Spiders
Eternal Isles 11 - 3 Recommended potion: RB Bubble
Eternal Isles 11 - 6 Recommended potion: Give this level all the potions you have, but not until you have trained a few times for the nasty banking off the wall. You'll need fairly big cluster drops to reach the ceiling, so being causious and taking just safe shots won't do the trick.
AIMING SPOTS 11-6 VIDEO: http://youtu.be/kpfsqZafqMc

Videos for EI 12, two different players, NO CHARMS!
Some Strategy Docs also via this link. :)

Eternal Isles 14 Video/Guide Links and Full Level Design Gallery:

Eternal Isles 14-10 is the first Eternal Isle Level that have Shadow Bubbles.

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